Artistic Recording Production

The right mics in the right places, technical and especially music aesthetic knowledge, and the sensitive handling of the musicians are the special requirements for a successful artistic manager.

Music production is a question of trust – now more than ever, in view of the virtually incalculable range of possible technical solutions and the equally large number of conflicting opinions about the right approach. Thus, it is essential to get to the heart of the matter – the starting point is still music as an acoustic event in a space, which is picked up with microphones. Almost everything is decided there; any loss in quality as a result of the improper selection or placement of microphones cannot be corrected later with technical tricks. That is why MBM takes great care in choosing and positioning microphones; naturally, they must be of the highest quality. The audio signal produced is processed with as little loss and distortion as possible – depending

on the size of the ensemble, with our mobile equipment or our outside broadcasting unit, which offers the optimal monitoring and working conditions. Our music productions are supervised by experienced professional recording producers whose training emphasizes extensive musical knowledge and the development of overall artistic competence as well as technical expertise. Thus, they are able to serve as knowledgeable partners to the interpreters in all aspects of the production and can immediately assess the musical results of a recording. This combination of the highest level of technical and aesthetic competence guarantees the exceptional quality standards of MBM productions.



→ Radio stations

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→ Orchestras & Choirs
→ Soloists, Ensembles & Conductors

András Schiff
Christoph Prégardien
Gustav Rivinius
Maria Graf
Hariolf Schlichtig
Lionel Bringuier
Gustavo Dudamel
Stefan Parkmann
Simon Halsey
Johannes Moser
Bennewitz Quartet
Martin Ostertag
Max Emanuel Cencic
Matthias Rexroth
Reinhold Friedrich
Nicolas Hodges
Trio Echnaton
Ferrara Ensemble
Ensemble Daedalus
Tatjana Masurenko u.a.

→ Labels

Coviello Classics
Arte Nova
Col Legno
Marc Aurel Edition