Post Production

After recording the perfect concert illusion is created by room accommodation, editing and mastering. These we carry in the end as 2 channel stereo or multi-track surround sound format to all popular media, such as CD, DVD Audio or SACD. Experienced editors and graphic designers ensure that the sophisticated design of the sound carrier.

Audio post-production and editing cannot transform a bad interpretation into a good one, but when it is done skillfully it can make a good interpretation even better. The basis for the success of a production is what happens during the recording session. During post-production this sound material is optimized and assembled into a coherent whole. During the recording process a detailed record is kept in which all the “takes” recorded are listed with assessments. From this list the recording producer can prepare an edit list in which the best versions of all sections are joined – naturally some of them must be listened to again and reevaluated.

With modern multitrack editing systems (every track, that is, every microphone signal, can be time-lapse edited compared with the others) music editing is technically feasible almost anywhere. The decisive criterion for the recording producer is the musical flow, which must not be disrupted by editing – the interpretation should be presented to its best advantage, undistorted. Only now are the tracks mixed together in the proper acoustic ratio and supplied with the appropriate ambience – on two stereo tracks for a CD or in surround format for a DVD/SACD.



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