OB Truck

We bring our own studio control room - externally and internally sound insulated acoustically perfectly balanced. Under these studio reference conditions the MBM sound engineer can reliably judge always 100% what is happening right in front of the microphones.

Based on our own plans and tailored specifically to the requirements of sophisticated music productions, we have designed a custom-built recording truck which always guarantees the same optimal monitoring conditions and thus provides an essential basis for the recording – the often-expressed opinion that the sound is not produced until later anyway, during the mix, is only half the story. Our 15 m² mobile production studio features a luxurious working atmosphere and a well-thought-out acoustic concept. For both stereo and surround productions you can rely on

acoustic reference values which meet the highest standards for studio control rooms. Air-conditioning and excellent noise reduction ensure a stress-free working environment. Our recording truck can be adapted to different situations quickly and with little effort – sufficient capacity is always available in the signal paths. Communication is also important; we establish the necessary connections for your production or live broadcast in all the standard formats and ensure fast and reliable communication at the performance venue.

Technical Data

Mercedes-Benz Atego,
air-suspended, adjustable angle.
Overall dimensions:
width: 2.55 m; length: 9.40 m; height: 3.60 m
Control Room:
15,2 m², air-conditioned.
Inside dimensions:
width: 2.45 m; length: 6.20 m; height: 2.40 m
Engine Room:
Acoustically isolated.
Inside dimensions:
width: 2.45 m; length: 0.80 m; height: 1.60 m
Cable Length:
up to 500 m, including:
AES-EBU Multicore 100 m,
MADI multicore up to 500 m.